Dr Adriano Marotta Araujo, DDS, MS, PhD

The registered trademark “Ortho.i” is a portmanteau linguistic blend of words “orthodontics" and "intelligence" combined into a new word. Orthoi Consulting is a global consulting agency that coaches corporations to scale up sales & services and also clinicians on how to leverage digital solutions to streamline practice operations. Dr. Araujo completed his Doctorate of Dental Medicine, Master of Science, and Doctorate of Philosophy in Orthodontics at the University of State of Sao Paulo (UNESP). He also completed a research fellowship at Baylor College of Dentistry and post-doc at the Universitat Internacional of Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.


Dr Araujo, founder of Ortho.i®, strong entrepreneurship professional, dental practices owner for 21 years, part-time professor for 14 years and internationally recognized public speaker in digital orthodontics. As speaker has been lectured at the most important scientific events in the world, Annual Meeting of American Association of Orthodontics AAO, American Lingual Orthodontics Association ALOA, European Orthodontics Society EOS, Brazilian Association of Orthodontics ABOR, SPO, Spanish Society of Orthodontics, and numerous other independent events as Power2Reason, Ormco, Invisalign, Suresmile Conferences, Dentsply World USA and Madrid, Straumann Groups events and ClearCorrect.

Some of his frequent topics have been Biomechanics, Clear Aligners, Digital Orthodontics and AI integrations. He received the SureSmile/Dentsply Sirona Award-Winner “Visionary Among Us” in 2020.

In the past twenty years during his career has been living with his family in North America, South America and Europe. Nowadays he fluently speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Only a few orthodontists have had the opportunity to work among the top universities and corporations in the world as Dr Araujo.

He has working as consultant leading innovative projects for large industry leaders as 3M, ClassOne Orthodontics, Invisalign, SureSmile, Dentsply Sirona, ClearCorrect and Straumann Group. He has provided clinical presentations, design innovative educational curriculum, development and leading KOL Training to large dental corporations implement global expansion in multinational level in many countries. Also Dr Araujo is co-founder of Insete, one of the largest online courses platforms worldwide and has published many articles in various orthodontics journals.

Nowadays he lives in Dallas, Tx with his family and works remotely supporting patients, doctors and consulting corporations globally.

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